Tallinn University

Tallinn University is one of the biggest universities in Estonia with 7500 students and 400 scientists and lecturers.


The new webpage of Tallinn University was created on Drupal 8 platform. Web Expert created the new web design based on their CVI and other design information.

The new design focuses user attention on different degree programs for them to find their interest area conveniently. The webpage uses liquid layout which makes the page useable both on mobile and desktop devices. Webpage is validated by WCAG 2.0 AA standard.

Tallinn University web solution uses several different content types including custom built solutions with standard content like news, events and content pages.

The main difficulty with this project was to create different user rights for different content types enabling users to use every possible design element on the webpage. Basically we created a solution where the admin can create a special page where a regular content page is customized into a landing page with the use of a header slider, by removing the left menu, add accordions to structure content and much more.

Tallinn University webpage was integrated with LDAP to their intranet which enables it to sync employees with the webpage.