Ramirent Baltic AS is the biggest construction equipment rental company in the Baltic States. We helped Ramirent to adapt the company’s face to the Baltic market on the web and created a website for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


The most important aspects of the new website in terms of business are displaying product and contact information comprehensively and ensuring it can be quickly found.

We therefore created a product catalogue containing a lot of information for the website, which gives an overview of all the products that can be rented from Ramirent.

The products are divided in main and sub-categories in order to make the easier to find. All important details and technical specifications of the products are displayed in the product map.

In order to make renting the necessary equipment easier for clients, the availability of each product at various outlets is displayed in real time. We connected the product catalogue on the website with the rental system of Ramirent in order to create this option. The product catalogue also allows clients to conveniently prepare and submit their rental orders.

The website contains an outlet section were the contact details of all outlets are displayed. We divided the outlets into regions in order to make them easier to find. The main contact details and the list of employees with photos and contact information are displayed for all outlets.

The website can be conveniently used on computers, tablets and smart phones. The smart phone version includes an option that allows clients to navigate to the selected outlet.

The employees of Ramirent can manage the website via the WECMS content management interface. The content of the website can be quickly and easily managed via the content management interface, from the menu structure and text pages to product and contact information.