Olympic Entertainment Group

We have been partners with the Olympic Entertainment Group for many years and our cooperation has resulted in giving a new face to many important web solutions such as Olympic Casino, Olympic Poker Club and OlyBet.


Olympic Casino and OEG site

The website of Olympic Casino includes the information of all casinos belonging to the group, their events and news. The casino website is accessible in six countries and in ten different languages.

The objective of the website of the Olympic Entertainment Group is to give investors information about the performance of the group.


Olympic Poker Club

The poker tournaments of Olympic and current rankings in five countries are given on the website of the Olympic Poker Club. The system calculates the rankings on the basis of the given algorithms.

The sub-functionality of the Cash Game Waitinglist was created to allow players to register at poker tables by sending a text message from their mobile phones.


OlyBet promo site

The objective of the OlyBet promo site was to update the functionality of the third party static betting page with various promo functions, which the content managers of OlyBet could easily create and manage themselves. Many capable solutions have been created for the OlyBet promo site over the years:

Flexible campaign solution;

Detailed banner system that can be added to third party sites;

Booking solutions;

Various XML and database interfacing solutions;

Prize draw solution;

In addition to the OlyBet promo site solution, a separate complete solution for preparing and mailing newsletters, which complies with the requirements of OlyBet and makes it possible to prepare feedback questionnaires in addition to newsletters, was created for collecting feedback from the clients of OlyBet.