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Web Expert is the place where innovative ideas find a digital partner. We offer consultations to clients and develop along with your ideas. We want to offer visually exciting and working solutions that have been developed according to your needs.


Our experienced team is a good partner in developing and analysing your ideas. We have repeatedly helped ideas develop into a functioning business – our experience helps us foresee potential problems in the initial stages and offer solutions to problems. Over the years, we have created portals in very different fields, but we approach every new project as a clean sheet, because every business is unique and solutions should therefore be unique as well.

Case study


Hotelliveeb is the first portal of its kind in Estonia where people can reserve hotel and accommodation packages in real time.

The advantage of the portal in comparison with older solutions is that the representatives of hotels can manage the accommodation packages of their hotels, their availability and prices themselves in real time. These options make Hotelliveeb considerably more flexible than others.

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Owning an e-shop is no longer enough to stand out – it also has to be convenient to meet clients’ expectations of simplicity. A secure and fast e-shop is essential for establishing trust and making purchases. We have the capability to build complicated e-shop systems structured according to the products sold and the business logic, which require special solutions in terms of functionality.

The competence of our team allows them to create systems that consider the specific features of each business – different client roles, client-specific pricing policy and settlement options. There are many possibilities and so far, we have not encountered a problem we’ve been unable to solve.

Case study

Wild Nordic

Wild Nordic is a leading tourist company from Lapland and provides various adventure tourism services. We built them an e-shop for showcasing and selling their services, which uses the WooCommercie extension on the freeware WordPress platform. The website is accessible in six languages, including in Mandarin, which is a first for Web Expert.

The web solution is interfaced with the Travius warehouse management and accounting software for the automatic movement of orders. Orders can be paid for by credit card or PayPal.

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Our experience in the field of e-shops is based on several generally recognised e-shop platforms such as Magento, Prestashop and WooCommerce. We offer interfaces for various business software, courier service and payment solutions, which make the management of an e-shop easy and optimised.


Our services also include the development of websites for more demanding clients, which are characterised by a personal angle and attention to detail. Our websites help your company stand out among the competition and the thorough planning work of our designers guarantees that the website is user-friendly and information is presented clearly and logically. All of our websites have been developed according to the standards considered to be good practices and are scalable or optimised for mobile devices.

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The Nordecon.com website is based on our own WeCMS and all content management activities from the management of contact articles to adding news and various forms can be done with this. The website has been translated into four languages and it is also mobile-friendly. The site is responsive, which means that the website adjusts to the size of the screen.

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We use popular content management systems like Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, etc., for the creation of websites, but we can also develop them for many other platforms. We will identify the content management system that suits you by analysing your needs.