Information systems

We help companies improve their performance, be closer to their clients and save money. Our IT solutions always have one transparent goal – to make processes simpler and create added value for clients.

The possibilities of information systems are vast and consulting with experts helps to discover their full potential for the benefit of the company. Our experienced team analyses your needs and offers suitable solutions in terms of functionality and design.

We know how to automate processes and reduce administrative expenses. We accept complicated tasks with excitement and develop with our clients over time. As a result of long-term cooperation, we know the needs of companies and can help them develop and realise new solutions.

Case study


Automeister AS is an importer and wholesaler of car parts and accessories.

The order centre we created allows users to find all the necessary spare parts for their cars by entering the licence plate number or VIN. It is also possible to search for information in a global parts database if the previous data are not known. It is easier to prepare an order of the parts found in the system. The order centre also offers users detailed overviews of invoices, order statuses, warehouse updates and much more.

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If you feel that you need a system that could automate the processes in your company and speed up the movement of information, optimising your expenses at the same time, then get in touch with us and we’ll find the best solution for you.

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