We have been a partner of the Tallinn City Government for many years and have therefore revamped a number of the city’s important web solutions, such as the city’s website, intranet and public transport schedules.



The previous website of Tallinn was dated in terms of its content and design, and had to be updated. During the creation of the new website, we had to find solutions to many questions such as:

  • bringing important information clearly and quickly to the visitors;
  • creating a modern design that would not reduce the user-friendliness of the website;
  • guaranteeing the functionality of the new website with different web browsers and smart devices.

Trinidad Consulting helped us identify the most optimal structure and information placement during the creation of the design by carrying out a user experience analysis (UX) and giving input for the design in the form of screen drawings. More than ten versions of the design were prepared during the creation of the visual until the one that satisfied all stakeholders was found.

The completed design is clear and clean. The information on the website is divided in blocks that are easily distinguishable from each other. A keyword search was added to the header of the page since the volume of information on the website is very large. The menu for navigating the page is placed on the left side. Shortcuts and important information are displayed on the right side of the page. News and links to the most searched topics are on the centre of the home page. Important selections such as references to various language environments and settings aimed at visually impaired users are on the top of the page.

The design has been checked against the WCAG 2.0 requirements and it is responsive, i.e. can also be used on tablets and smart phones.

The Tallinn website is in constant development like the city itself, which will never be ready.




The intranet of Tallinn is a non-public information exchange environment for the staff of the city government and its agencies. The intranet is based on the Microsoft Exchange platform and we gave its user environment a unique and comprehensive design that considers the insignia of Tallinn.



The web solution of timetables allows Tallinners and the city’s guests to obtain a detailed overview of the public transport routes in Tallinn and Harju County.

The solution includes the departure times of buses, trolleybuses, trams and trains. It is also possible to view the departure times of the vehicles in real time and see the location of the vehicles on the map. The journey planner can be used to find the best way of getting from one point to another. The users of the web solution can save their most used stops and routes under favourites, which allows them to get information about them quickly and easily.